Film Scenarios

Choose one of the scenarios below and watch part 1 of the film, you can choose from Shiela, Irene or Jimmy. Hover the image to show a summary of the video, click the image to start on the path of that scenario. Once the scenario has been completed you will return here to either move on using the 'next button' or try out a different scenario.

Sheila is a lady in her mid 70s who has recently been diagnosed with the early onset of dementia. Sheila is fascinated with plants and loved her garden. She now lives in a care home.

In this film we see Sheila looking outside at the sensory garden and struggling to try to open the door which leads out onto the garden. Mary, the support worker, assists Sheila back to her seat and tells her that it is not possible for Sheila to go out into the garden on her own and that dinner is nearly ready.

Mary reminds Sheila that her daughter was concerned that Sheila should not be allowed to go out unaided. Sheila gets increasingly frustrated and distressed at this. In a later scene we see the care staff discussing the incident and the ways in which they can handle the situation.