What Do You Think Statements

Having watched the film 'What do you think' choose some quotations below and consider what your views are on theses issues.

‘They have more rights than us…’
The person in the clip feels that older people do not have a voice and that their rights are important. Do you agree that older people have more rights than the rest of us?

‘I feel that everyone has human rights… apart from prisoners.’
This person believes that human rights should be withdrawn from those who have committed crimes. Do you agree?

‘Everyone’s rights need to be respected.’
This is a strong statement. Do you agree with it and why? ‘

‘It doesn’t mean that because you can’t do things for yourself that your rights are taken away from you.’
Should you still have rights when you can’t look after yourself? How can we make sure you still have rights when you may be unable to make decisions any more?

‘If I see something wrong I make a noise!’
Have you ever stood up against someone infringing or failing to acknowledge the rights of another? What would you do if you felt a colleague was breaching someone’s human rights?

‘I think I fought for them.’
This statement recognises the origins of the modern human rights framework and the importance of the experience of the war which brought about many changes. Do you think human rights are still important all these years later? Are we good at recognising human rights or is there room for improvement?

`Would you not want to keep your dignity?’
What do you think dignity means?

‘Everybody’s got the freedom to say what they want.’
Is this true? Are there circumstances where we can’t always say exactly what we want?

‘People have got the right to their opinions… and not treated as if they have no voice”
How important is it to listen to people? What happens if we don’t? Are there instances where you have to be ‘the voice of another person’ to advocate for them in order to assist them to get their wishes met? How can this be done effectively?

‘They’ve had dignity their whole lives.. so coming into a care home shouldn’t change that.’
Do you think that the loss of dignity and privacy when entering a care establishment is a real fear? If yes, what can be done to remove this fear?

‘I’m not entirely sure about human rights in the work sense or about human rights outside.’
People often don’t think about human rights being relevant to them. What do you feel are the human rights that you have as a worker? Are they protected and acknowledged where you work? What could be done to promote a better understanding of these rights?

‘I think everyone, especially celebrities… have the right to privacy in their own personal lives.’
What are the privacy issues that relate to care? Do you think that privacy is sufficiently respected? Give examples of good practice, if possible. ‘

‘We all have our own ideas about things’
This resident wasn’t sure what human rights were and suggested that we all had our own ideas about things. Do you think there are some values and rights shared by everybody and agreed by all? What are they?

“Equality , being treated with dignity, having your right to health care, food, shelter, being treated fairly… “
This care worker lists what is important to her. What are the human rights which are central to your life?

“You only get the negative side in the news.”
Is it true that the newspapers only recount negative stories about human rights? What stories have you read recently which reference human rights?

“Everyone is entitled to what they want when they want it”
Do you agree with this? What do human rights entitle you to?