Scenario 7: Balbir

Balbir is a devout Hindu in his late 70s who has moved into a care home. Unfortunately, after a very brief period of time and before anyone has really had the chance to get to know him, Balbir’s health deteriorates. His condition quickly becomes terminal and he is nearing the end of his life. He and his family have decided that they do not want him to move to the hospice but that they want him to be able to stay where he is. They feel he simply cannot cope with yet another move.

One evening his close family and relatives are at his bedside as his condition deteriorates and his breathing becomes more shallow. Just before death, his family remove him from his bed to lay him on the floor in keeping with their beliefs.

The care home support worker is shocked at what she sees and immediately raises the alarm with colleagues before returning to the room and trying to restrain the relatives and prevent them moving Balbir from his bed.

An unseemly argument follows and various other members of staff arrive and become involved. During the commotion, Balbir passes away. His family are extremely angry that he was unable to die in accordance with his beliefs.